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John Haywood presents a grand sweep of global history in an immediately accessible format via concise, insightful and engaging text summaries alongside timelines, maps and illustrations. There are 50 sections, each dealing with significant moments in the human story from the origins of our first ancestors right up to the present day. A short essay introduces and summarizes the most important political and cultural landmarks with a clear timeline then presenting events in four categories: Politics & Economy, Religion & Philosophy, Science & Technology and Arts & Architecture. Maps revealing the changes in our physical world at key junctures in human history as well as galleries of images illustrating the rich and diverse products of our cultural heritage, offer a visual path through time.
From this the reader is able to access a whole new understanding of contemporary events across the globe, making unexpected and surprising links and connections across history. Who knew, for example, that at the same time the Bayeux Tapestry was being completed in Europe, Chinese scientist Shen Kuo was correctly explaining the origin of fossils and Ghana was being conquered by the Almoravids? That as Peter the Great was modernizing Russia, La Salle was exploring the length of the Mississippi River and Christopher Wren was finishing St Paul`s Cathedral in London? This original and authoritative book offers a whole new way of appreciating the diverse array of events that have shaped world history.

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Pop Art.

With its bold colours, flashy imagery and ironic spirit, Pop Art trespasses the traditional boundaries separating high from low culture. Flavia Frigeri introduces us to a movement that focuses on everyday objects, from its beginnings in the post-war consumerism of America and Britain to its...
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Graphic Design School

The market-leading practical book for both students AND small businesses Graphic Design School has been refreshed AND updated throughout. The book is organized into two main sections, `principles` AND `practice`. The first section deals with the fundamentals of design, such as composition,...
Rock Graphic Originals Revolutions in Sonic Art 0/5 Nasza cena:
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Rock Graphic Originals Revolutions in Sonic Art

As part of the `60s and `70s fashion movement, Peter Golding`s famous ACE boutique in London`s Chelsea district brought him into regular contact with the biggest names in rock `n` roll, and he went on to create one of the most comprehensive collections of rock `n` roll graphics in existence....
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The Great LIFE Photographers

This is the most comprehensive anthology of LIFE photography ever assembled. An enormous international success in hardback - now available in a new, compact, paperback edition. The best work of every LIFE magazine staff photographer, as well as that of a handful of others closely affiliated with...
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Art: The Whole Story

Written by an international team of artists, art historians and curators, Art: The Whole Story gives readers unparalleled insights into the world`s most iconic artworks. Organized chronologically, this revised edition traces the evolution of artistic development period by period right up to the...
History Day by Day 0/5 Nasza cena:
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History Day by Day

Following the success of the bestselling Histories of Nations, Peter Furtado brings us 366 telling quotations that offer a window on the past, tying every day in the year to a momentous occasion and bringing it to life with eyewitness accounts and a chronicler`s flair. Here are Joan of Arc and...
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Fashion is more exciting and more accessible than ever. If you love fashion and would like to know more about it, look no further than this! With more than 1,000 illustrations, Fashion: The Whole Story follows the evolution of fashion via its most important moments - and most impracticable fads -...
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Hip Hop Raised Me

In Hip Hop Raised Me.®, updated for 2018, DJ Semtex examines the crucial role of hip-hop in society today, and reflects on the huge influence it has had on his own life, and the lives of many others, filling in the gaps of education that school left behind, providing inspiration and purpose to...
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The Art Deco Poster

Long-time poster aficionado William Crouse has selected over 300 of the most soughtafter examples of poster art created between the wars for this definitive volume. Organized thematically into subject categories (aviation, communication, fashion and more), this book includes over 300 highly rare...
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Doskonała komunikacja, perfekcyjne podejście do klienta, realizacja szybka i całkowicie zgodna z zamówieniem, do tego dobra cena, czyli całość na piątkę.


Polecam, polecam, polecam! Świetny wybór, książki w doskonałej cenie i co najważniejsze błyskawiczna realizacja zamówienia - dodaję do moich ulubionych sklepów.


Bardzo miła obsługa, szybko reagują na wiadomości pisane. Szybko rozwiązują problem i tłumaczą sytuację, oraz bardzo jasno i konkretnie piszą mail o każdej zmianie w zamówieniach.


Kolejny raz robię zakupy w sklepie i jest super szybko, tanio i wygodnie. Aż żałuję, że nie mają innych propozycji, które mnie interesują. Gorąco polecam.


Transakcja przebiegła szybko i sprawnie. Książki super i wszystko porządnie zapakowane. Nie jest to na pewno moja ostatnia styczność ze sklepem. Polecam.


Sklep godny polecenia, szybko zrealizował zamówienie. Dodatkowo otrzymałam rabat. Bardzo korzystna cena zamówionych książek. Łącznie z przesyłką wyszło taniej niż w księgarni stacj...


Bardzo sprawnie zrealizowane zamówienie. Pomimo, że podano mi późniejszy termin dostarczenia przesyłki otrzymałam ją kilka dni wcześniej. Sklep cechuje solidność i profesjonalizm. ...


Sklep bardzo fajny, pomocny i szybki. Realizacja zamówienia trwała kilka dni. Zamówienie doskonale zapakowane i nienaruszone.

Frau Sonne

Jestem zadowolona ze sklepu i przeprowadzonej transakcji. Duży wybór książek, dostawa zgodnie z podaną przez sprzedawcę datą, bardzo porządnie zapakowana. Polecam.


Polecam sklep z czystym sumieniem. Kontakt bardzo dobry, ceny rewelacyjne, wybór książek ogromny. Na pewno wkrótce znów złożę zamówienie.


Rewelacja!!! Zamówienie otrzymałam 5 dni od złożenia zamówienia, a mieszkam w Wielkiej Brytanii.


Pierwszy raz kupowałam książki przez internet i się nie rozczarowałam. Książki przyszły w oczekiwanym terminie, były dobrze zabezpieczone. Na pewno skorzystam jeszcze nie jeden raz...